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We offer life coaching sessions in English, Swedish and Lithuanian, online and in our Kaunas office as a part of our mission to achieve more health and pure creative Vibrancy to colour your life.

Personal lifestyle Coach/ Purpose Coach / Teacher of the Feminine psycho spiritual wholeness
Simona Juseviciene
Simona’s coaching niches are:
Life Path / Purpose & Career(s) / The Feminine / Conscious Parenting

A beautiful balance of Western Psychology / Eastern Philosophy.
Each of us is born with a gift or even multiple gifts! And once uncovered, we can live a life of purpose that will not only make us joyful and fulfilled but we will also share our gifts with the world, which is our obligation to do. Shine our light.

What is a Life Purpose coach?
A life purpose coach can help a client by strategically leading, empowering and encouraging the person to live a more purposeful and authentic life, according to one’s natural inborn gift. The result can be mesmerising and a unique personal legend can be reached, by uncovering the life path of one's dreams.
In many ways, similar to a life coach, a life purpose coach focuses more on finding the direction / purpose that will guide a client towards a happier life.


About Simona:
Simona has always had a passion for the subject of “life Purpose” and has dedicated a big part of her life searching and educating herself in this subject. She has attended many life events, read a lot of literature, taken various courses and studies. She dedicated her life to finding her own purpose in life. She is now an international business developer, Healthy-Vibrant co-founder and a certified Life and Purpose coach empowering and encouraging people finding their life purpose, mission and their inner bliss.

Student of:
Joseph Campbell, Clarissa Pincolla Estes, Caroline Myss, Michael Beckwith, Danielle Laporte, Shakti Gawain.

Studied: Various consciousness, psychology and self-realisation courses / Professional Personal life coaching / Purpose coaching / Archetypes / Divine Feminity/ LifeStyle management / Creativite living / Creative writing/ Empowering mindset techniques / Conscious parenting / Family constellations / Writing as a therapy process/ Painting as a therapy process.
Continuous education; Western Psychology / Eastern Philosophy.

Coaching business: Healthy & Vibrant Wellness Concierge
Work Type: Remotely / Meetings at H&V Studio in Kaunas
Prices: 35 Eur / hour
Package price: 10 week course 300 Eur


Transformational / Life coach
Monika Gavene
Monikas’s coaching niches are:
Stress management / Emotional regulation / Mental wellbeing / Unravelling the blocks to self-love and self-esteem.
Coaching service languages:
Swedish / Lithuanian

Before we even start to speak, in the very formative years of our lives, our beliefs are formed as experiences and feelings that help us to survive. As we grow and go through different experiences we continue to develop beliefs and conclusions that follow us for the rest of our lives and serve as a filter through which we see and feel the world. By unravelling and changing the core beliefs, we can reach the deepest transformation beneath the old story and start to create our very own story of empowerment!

What is a Transformational / Life Coach
Our beliefs about ourselves and the world that surrounds us is the crucial factor in how happy and successful we are. Our own beliefs that do not support us hold us back and prevent us from being who we really want to be and how we want to feel. A transformational life coach focuses on helping clients to become aware of the recurring patterns, indoctrinated beliefs and holds the space to facilitate the change process.

About Monika:
Since a young Monika is passionate about mental well-being and Eastern philosophy. She has studied Public Health, Psychology, various Mind & Body focused disciplines to better understand what makes up a healthy, happy human being. She is continuously deepening her knowledge and recently added up with ICF accredited coaching certification. Apart from conventional medicine and science, Monika has a deep passion for holistic health and eastern traditions. As a life and transformational coach, Monika utilises all her knowledge and experience to coach you in your quest for self-love, balance and mental well-being to enjoy a healthy and joyous life.

Student of:
Marisa Peer / Dr Arielle Schwartz / Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett / Irene Lyon / Brené Brown

Studied: Public Health / Psychology / Coaching / Emotional Intelligence and emotional regulation / Body and Mind (somatic) work / Neuroscience / Trauma processing / Cognitive behavioral therapy principles / Emotional freedom technique EFT / Havening / Neuro linguistic programming principles / Ayurveda / Aromatherapy

Coaching business: Healthy & Vibrant Wellness Concierge
Work Type: Remotely / Meetings at H&V Studio in Kaunas
Prices: 35 Eur / hour
Package price: 10 week course 300 Eur

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