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List of hotels


- Monte Pacis Hotel, Kaunas
- Kaunas Garden Apartments, Kaunas
- King Mindaugas (Piano) apartments, Kaunas


- Pacai Hotel, Vilnius
- Joseph Signature Hotel, Vilnius
- Designer Studios in the Heart of Old Town, Vilnius
- Heart of Old Town Apartments, Vilnius


- Michaelson boutique Hotel, Klaipėda
- Olando kepure hotel, Karklė
- Šturmų Švyturys, Šturmai

Around Lithuania

- Paliesius Manor
- Barono Vila
- Atokampis Boutique Spa Resort
- Tony Resort, Trakai
- Manor of Pakruojis, Pakruojis
- Spa hotel Belvilis, Labanoras

List of Restaurants


- Uoksas, Kaunas
- Raudondvaris Orangerie, Kaunas
- Numan, Kaunas
- Monte Pacis Restaurant, Kaunas


- Nineteen18, Vilnius
- Džiaugsmas (Joy), Vilnius
- Ertlio namas, Vilnius


- Fisheria, Nida
- Monai, Klaipėda
- Šturmų švyturys, Šturmai
- Baltas ruonis, Klaipeda

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