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Wellness Concierge in Lithuania

What do we do?

- Healthy & Vibrant is a Wellness concierge company, organising travel for medical, health and wellness tourists who come to Lithuania.

- We provide the service of organising, taking care and designing your personal experience whilst on your stay in Lithuania, whether it is Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda or any other city in the country.

- Partnering with the best in the field of Health, Wellness, and Beauty sector in the country.

What is our mission?

- We wish to bring you the luxury of organizing your stay and elevating your overall experience of your health, wellness or medical journey in Lithuania. Our aim is to suggest the most suitable service according to your individual needs, ensuring you are taken care of whilst on your stay before and after your procedures and surgeries.

We provide and organize

- Accommodation; Private transportation
- Pickups/dropoffs between your procedures
- All the help and guidance during your stay in Lithuania in planning your health and wellness holiday
- Beauty and Esthetics same-day interventions
- Dentistry services
- Leisure time; Spa and Wellness for you and your companions/family
- State of art medical SPA and rehabilitation centres, which can help to optimize your health state before surgeries/procedures and optimize your recovery afterwards
- Customized personal guidance, coaching, and bespoke requests

We are proud to present the finest selection of wellness, spa and beauty clinics in Lithuania. Our trusted partners and specialists have years of experience, returning national and international clientele, as well as a list of recommendations for you.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Lithuania and assisting you on your health & wellness holiday.

With love
Healthy & Vibrant
Simona and Monika

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