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Vibrant cities with gorgeous old towns, fine dining, luxury hotels and villas, award-winning Spa & wellness properties - our Healthy & Vibrant team brings you the luxury of organizing and recommending the most suitable experience according to your preferences.

We are thrilled to present a list of finely selected partners that we appreciate, treasure, and personally use and would highly recommend.


Luxury Spa Hotel in Vilnius / Kaunas / Klaipėda
From 110 Eur / night

Luxury Spa Hotel Vila
From 110 Eur / night

Luxury Spa Weekend
From 450 Eur / weekend

Luxury Spa and Wellness arrangements created to suit your needs
From 75 Eur / session

Luxury Spa and Wellness arrangements for you and your companions / family
From 75 Eur / session

Bespoke arrangements such as restaurant reservations, theatre visits, private clubs, private tours, guided tours, 3 / 5 / 7 course meal tastings & similar.
From 35 Eur / session

For more information about our trusted partners and recommendations, see here.

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